Evolution College Works

College Works class times will be planned ​
out with the instrucor and team to meet the needs of the students time constraints.  

College students also have the ability to "rent" studio space and choreograph their own dances.

College students can choose to be competitive and travel with Evolutions as a competitive dancer or choose to be non competitive and participate in our annual shows.

Please contact Hannah at evolutiondanceacademy14@gmail.com to register and discuss classes!
Whose graduated and misses dance?! We've all been there as dancers! But wait no longer! Evolution has the first local college team! We offer both competitve and non competitive college teams.

Dancers will come for tehcnique/stretch and strength class and then be able to choose from: tap, jazz, contemporary, modern and hip hop. 
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College Works
Non Competitive

College Works 

"A La Carte" classes. $25 a month per discipline.  (Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary
Competive Dancers will take: Stretch and strength, technique, jazz, contemporary and lyrical. for $118 a month.  Can add addtional classes on for $10 each.